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LLENA(AI) is the trusted, go-to source for discovering the world’s healthiest foods whether restaurant, takeout, grocery delivery or food trucks. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to help leverage your business’ LLENA(AI) certification and to connect with your customers. Whether you are traveling, have specific food preferences and a person suffering from diabetes or heart disease, you should have access to the right foods your body needs 24/7. LLENA(AI) certification helps clients reach locally targeted consumers who are ready to eat healthy.

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Who we are

LLENA’s AI creates an individualized GI value meal based on your blood sugar, blood pressure and location.

What we do

THE PROBLEM We are solving




adults have diabetes


Unhealthy diet


Lack of exercise




Charlotta Carter

CEO and Cofounder

Charlotta Carter has 25+ years’ experience in software development and is the CEO of GRI Technology Solutions, Inc., headquartered in San Mateo, Ca. She’s held Sr. Positions in: IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and SGI.  When diagnosed with type II diabetes in 2017, she partnered with the medical community to develop an AI/GI  Diabetes Solution from the patient’s point of view.

Dr. Bryan Courtney Batch

Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University
Highlight: Endocrinologist – US

Dr. Pamela Tsao

Markham Stouffville Hospital
Highlight: Endocrinologist – Canada

Dr. Darrell Carmen

Georgia Urology
Highlight: 20+ Yrs. In Medicine – US

Dr. William Kenneth Mask

Diagnostic Specialist in Lafayette, Louisiana
Highlight: 20+ Years Medicine – US

Technical Team

Peter Carter

PWC Technology Services, Inc.
Highlight: 15+ Entrepreneur


Michael Caranay

Sr. Software Developer

PWC Technology Services, Inc.
Highlight: 5+ Years Experience in Full-Stack and Mobile Development

Tony Chang

Sr. Software Developer 

PWC Technology Services, Inc.
Highlight: Expert in IT solutions.  Full Stack Mobile programming


Jameson Bennett

EVP Social Media Strategy

Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist & SiriusXM Radio Producer
Highlight: Facebook messenger chatbot Party of Lincoln ranked #1 Top 100 Govtech

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